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Welcome! We're Nucleus Tutoring, your local compassion-focused expert tutoring service!

We offer in-person tutoring in East Lansing, Okemos, Lansing, Haslett, Dewitt, Williamston, Holt, and Bath, and online tutoring in any location!

Academic Tutoring

Nucleus provides expert tutoring across the subjects listed in these categories; click on your subject for more information on what we can help with!


We aim to ease your worries about grades, school confidence, future test anxiety, and future success in college and beyond.

All Nucleus tutors are experts in their fields, vetted, and tested on their tutoring ability. We are here to help you thrive.

Subject Expertise

What to Expect from Your Academic Tutor

Professional assessment of your child's baseline academic ability

Creation of a learning and assessment plan to help make & measure progress

A compassionate tutor helping a young student thrive

Regular communication from your tutor, and Nucleus Tutoring admin

Utilization of Nucleus resources, experience, and expertise for constant benchmark improvement


What Happy 
Students & 
Parents Say

"Nucleus Tutoring was a great help when my daughter was struggling on the SAT; our tutor was super easy to work with and helped her test confidence by leaps and bounds!"

- Sarah J., Improved from a 1090 to a 1310

"I went to Nucleus when chemistry felt like just too much, I was mad I didn't go sooner. In three months, my grade went from a D to an A-! I couldn't have done it without our tutor's help!"

- James N., 42 hours tutored

An expert tutor educating a student on study technique

Why Nucleus goes above and beyond

Nucleus Tutoring was started with the belief that Michigan students deserve the best in educational expertise and the chance to succeed wherever their lives take them. We believe that every student succeeds best with a tutor focused on their individual education, study style, and learning strategy, and we believe we are the best choice to provide that for you and your child.


We are dedicated to their success and committed to serving you as the best tutoring service around.

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Help your child to thrive, take the first step today!

Text "TUTOR" to (616)-755-6298 or fill out this form to talk about how we can help you or your child today!

We typically contact you within 24 hours.

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