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Providing free tutoring to help develop
the minds of tomorrow


Nucleus Tutoring has observed that many families may have a need for additional academic tutoring, but may not have access to them, either through financial or vicinity deficiencies. This lack of access to educational resources negatively affects the future of our greater Michigan communities as well as the people themselves.

Our goal is to offer this resource for free to underserved communities. We are currently focused on providing it to elementary school-aged children, but we aim to expand and make it available to students of all ages in the future.

One of the rooms our expert Nucleus tutors help elementary students prosper in creative thinking


Nucleus consists mainly of empathetic, altruistic individuals. These individuals have extensive experience in tutoring, advising, and serving as positive role models for younger members of the community. Our tutors have a desire to give back to their community and a need to provide a good mentor role to the future generations. We see a need and a solution, so let's connect the two.

Currently, the best way to address this problem is by collaborating with schools to connect disadvantaged students to our program. By serving as a liaison between Nucleus Tutoring and the students, we can ensure that the program is completely transparent, safe, and effective


The Bright Futures Program currently only volunteers at our partnered schools, providing mentorship and support to students in academic intervention programs, with the guidance and as a supplement to the wonderful teachers and educators of these schools.

The Bright Futures Program functions only at select schools, tutoring during the school day in academic intervention classes. The Bright Futures Program is a separate program from the rest of the Nucleus Tutoring services. For any inquiries please give us a call at 616-755-6298.


1. Safety

All of our tutors come with background checks and only tutor on public school or library grounds to ensure student safety.

2. Providing Good Role-Models

Our tutors come from a variety of different backgrounds and can provide true life and educational guidance to students in the program. 

3. Great Supplement for the School

Nucleus Tutoring aims to provide educational assistance not just to the students, but teachers too, mainly through reinforcing what is taught in class throughout the year.

Our Local Partner

Nucleus is proud to support our renowned community education partner, the Lansing School District

Our Bright Futures Program is proud to work with the Lansing School District, providing a strong mentorship and tutoring experience to students in academic intervention classes. Our tutors are excited to learn more about and work with such energized, helpful, and curious students.


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