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How to get the Most from a Nucleus Tutoring Help Room

Updated: Jun 17

tutoring helping a student at the Nucleus Tutoring Help Room at the East Lansing Library.

Getting ready for your first or next Nucleus Tutoring Help Room, but not sure what to bring or how to use it to help you succeed best, we're here to help! Below we've listed a few tips, tricks, and general recommendations to make sure you or your child utilize this free resource to its best potential.

  1. Arrival: Arrive at a time that works best for your schedule but still allows you enough time to utilize the help room effectively. Usually this is around one hour unless you have just one question.

  2. School Work: Bring school materials related to what you want to work on. Common pieces are recent homework, recently-graded tests, and study guides of what you're currently working through.

  3. Questions: Remember to write down any questions that come up during studying or class, we'll be happy to help with any and all questions you may have!

  4. Working With Other Students: Tutors aren't the only smart people at help rooms, and we're definitely not the only nice people! Never be afraid to ask fellow students for help if our tutors are with another student, you may learn a trick you didn't know before!

  5. Goal Setting: Set goals for what you or your child wants to achieve.

  • Are you trying to improve your test scores or obtain a better grade in a class?

  • Is there a specific subject you want to improve upon?

  • Do you enjoy learning but want more academic challenges?

  • Do you want to build confidence or lower anxieties? Nucleus is familiar with them all, and we're here to help.

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